Kruger Justine – Naples Shipping Week

Kruger Justine

Position: CEO
Organization: Jucari Global

Carbon Neutral Cargo Movements

The first Carbon Transaction Management Systemthat captures cargo movements and forecasts carbon emissions beforeyour shipment departs for its destination. Individual job details are combined with the full shipping schedules of all related cargo movements to accurately forecast your share of CO2emissions using recognized industry data and a robust methodology. Once the journey is complete, we recalculate the final CO2 figure and reconcile it with the forecast to ensure you are always meeting statutory government requirements for carbon offsetting. Offset your emissions before you ship rather than afterwards when the window for action has closed and showcase your commitmentto carbon neutrality. We’re building a global network of future-thinking and environmentally responsible logistic companies, using smarter ways of working, advanced data intelligence, and full transparency of carbon emissions. Partner with us to help bring the world back from the brink of climate catastrophe one cargo movement at a time.